Simple yet Different. MCA
So perfect, dont you think? <3 #dream
@MUST <3
got a picture with Jollibeeeeeeee :D <3
so happy to be reunited with them :D @aleksaaaayy wala lang mi pic with @nocturlayyy sa MUST :3 sorryyyy
:( Get well soon @justinbieber
One of the reasons why I want to be famous: I really want to meet him so bad I cant even think of an idea how to seriously achieve that :( why is life so unfair? I have no idea
Being able to perform means a lot to me. As I was watching Next Moves’ performances earlier, I’m actually teary-eyed cause I want to perform onstage. I want to perform while my family are in the audience seat, watching me. I want them to see me performing onstage. That’s actually one of my bucketlist but I dont know if I still have a time to catch up with my ultimate passion since I’m having a hard time in my studies. If only I can balance my time…. *sigh* oh well. Happy 5th Anniversary Next Moves! :D kamo njud bow nako ninyo :D
Scream Green for the Stingers Team :D #Intrams2014
They are now actually together like everyday. Im jealous but they just really look good together so I dont mind. lol. I Love It!
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Happy Birthday Big Brotha! :D I Love Youuu! xD
I wanna live my life the way I want it.